3 Dental Problems That Your General Dentist Can Help You To Resolve

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Most people are socialized to the notion that visiting the dentist is an unpleasant experience. Consequently, very few people will act on their dental issues and will likely allow minor tooth problems to fester until dire consequences such as tooth loss occur. Your attitude towards dental health care determines how healthy your teeth turn out and how long they serve you. Here are three dental health complications you can solve by visiting a competent dentist. 

Pain in the Teeth

Toothache is one of the most common dental health issues people deal with. You may find that your teeth ache when you eat something extremely hot or cold. It is also common to experience toothache when there is an extreme temperature drop. Even so, most people will attempt to treat aching teeth by taking painkillers. While pain medication will help the pain go away temporarily, it does not remedy the problem. Instead, it allows the underlying cause of the tooth problem to persist, which leads to early tooth loss. It is advisable to visit the dentist immediately after experiencing toothache for an assessment and proper treatment. 

Stains on the Teeth

Stains on the teeth are another common dental health complication. Stains form because of poor dental hygiene, smoking, and drinking highly pigmented drinks like red wine. The depth of your stains depends on the length of time you have exposed your teeth to these products. Many people opt to try and remove such stains using over-the-counter products. However, these are rarely effective, and they often lead to a recurrence of the stain problem. It is best to speak to a dentist and have them recommend the best tooth whitening process for your unique situation.

Impaction of the Teeth

Tooth impaction is another common dental health complication. Your teeth become impacted when they fail to follow a straight path during development. Instead, you will find a tooth moving sideways and getting in the way of the adjacent tooth root. This can cause extreme discomfort, lead to an abscess, and intolerable pain. In most cases, the only way to deal with an impacted tooth is by extracting it. Ensure you speak to a dental care specialist about the problem and have them resolve it.

These are common dental health complications that you can expect a general dentist to help you resolve. Find an expert close to you and start the journey to improved dental care.