5 Signs You Need A Root Canal

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A root canal is a common dental procedure that cleans up a tooth by removing decay in the pulp and root. If you are experiencing any of these signs, it may be time to undergo a root canal.

1. Cracked or Chipped Tooth

You can get a crack or chip on your tooth in many circumstances, such as during sporting activities, accidents, or biting something hard without your knowledge. In such cases, bacteria can find their way through the crack or chips, which can cause inflammation or infection. You may consider a root canal to save the rest of the tooth before it is too late.

2. Extreme Pain

You may realize that you get sharp pains suddenly in your mouth on several occasions. Chronic extreme pain is a sign and symptom of an infected or dead tooth. In such scenarios, notice the patterns. Are there specific things that trigger the pain? What causes additional pain? Does the pain increase when you lie down?

If you notice the pain, seek medical attention immediately. Book a consultation with a dentist who will guide you through the root canal process.

3. Extreme Tooth Sensitivity

Tooth sensitivity is a common sign that you might need a root canal. If your tooth is sensitive to hot and cold foods, an underlying issue may require a root canal. For example, your tooth pulp may have severe damage, which makes the nerves oversensitive.

Also, sometimes you may notice that your tooth is sensitive to touch. This condition may indicate tooth decay or nerve damage, and your dentist will recommend a root canal.

4. Swollen Gums

Your gums can only swell when there is an issue beneath your teeth. The swelling may be on and off; it ends, and the problem resurfaces again. Sometimes you can even notice pimples known as gum boils around your gum. The pimple may start to ooze pus, which indicates that your tooth is infected.

Please book a consultation with your dentist when you notice these signs. Your dentist will assess the tooth situation and recommend the best treatment option, likely a root canal.

5. Tooth Discoloration

A dead tooth only brings about more bacteria around the affected tooth area. Decomposition then begins, which manifests through discoloration. You may notice that your teeth turn black or grey. A root canal is necessary for this situation for the tooth to be restored. A tooth may also discolor under different circumstances like physical trauma.

Taking care of your teeth involves noticing anything off with a tooth or teeth. If you notice consistent sharp pains, sensitivity, discoloration, or any other unusual signs, please visit your dentist.