Seven Things You Can Do With Dental Implants

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Dealing with the loss of teeth can restrict you when it comes to your everyday abilities. You'll find that you can do much more after you've had dental implants put in place than you could do without them.

The following are seven things you can do with dental implants

Show off a smile that looks natural and flawless

Of all the options for replacing missing teeth, dental implants offer the best results when it comes to cosmetics. Dental implants look just like natural teeth. If you want to be able to show off a flawless smile that looks completely natural, dental implants are definitely the best solution. 

Avoid bone loss

If you're missing teeth, you are likely to experience bone loss in the jaw if you don't correct the issue quickly. It's important to realize that once bone is lost in the jaw, it cannot easily be replaced. With a dental implant, you can protect your jaw bone and avoid bone loss. 

Speak more clearly

Patients who are missing teeth often have trouble enunciating their speech clearly. It's also worth noting that those with dentures also often have trouble speaking naturally with their dentures in.

Dental implants do not interfere with speech. If you've struggled with speech issues related to tooth loss before, you should know that dental implants can offer a permanent solution to this problem.  

Avoid cavities

Dental implants cannot develop cavities like natural teeth can. It's important to exercise proper oral hygiene even if you have dental implants in place. At the same time, patients who are particularly prone to developing cavities will be happy to know that dental implants cannot experience tooth decay. 

Strengthen the rest of your teeth

If you're missing any of your teeth, you should know that adjacent teeth could be jeopardized by a lack of stability in your mouth. When you have dental implants put in place, they can help to stabilize the surrounding teeth and thereby prevent the loss of additional teeth. 

Enjoy greater confidence in social interactions

It goes without saying that missing teeth or teeth that are visibly decaying detract from your appearance and confidence. Having dental implants put in place can therefore restore your confidence in social situations. 

Eat crunchy or chewy foods again

Patients who are missing teeth or using dentures are often restricted in terms of their diet. Fortunately, dental implants can typically handle any type of food including many crunchy and chewy foods. You may be able to get rid of any dietary restrictions you've had in the past if you invest in dental implants.