What Should You Expect After Orthodontic Treatment?

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Orthodontic treatment is all about improving your oral functions and aesthetics. Maybe you had an accident that resulted in your teeth misalignment, or perhaps some teeth were displaced as you grew. Orthodontic treatment can bring your mouth back to normal. Typically, an orthodontist will recommend braces that you can wear for up to two years.

However, the period can decrease depending on the gravity of the matter. If your orthodontist has recommended orthodontic treatment, it is good to know the procedure and the outcomes. What should you expect once the braces are off? Apart from a beautiful smile, there are other things you must keep in mind, as explained below.

It Is Not Over Just Yet

First of all, the removal process is usually painless. After your dentist removes the braces, you might be excited to see the results. But while the braces are off, your orthodontists must perform one last step to help you get on with life. You will be required to wear retainers. This final procedure is for helping your teeth stay in position. You may either end up with fixed or removable retainers. It is good to note that retainers don't affect your teeth brushing routine.

Eating Might Feel Strange

Once the orthodontic treatment is over and the braces are off, the first bite might feel strange. Your teeth have been 'under confinement' for a long time. The good part is that you can freely bite into your apple or nibble your crisps without worry: no more food prying off the rackets and certainly no more choosy diets.

You Might Need Teeth Whitening

A lack of proper brushing is likely to cause teeth discoloration. When you still had your braces, you could not reach areas under the braces. Now that they are off, the results will be quite evident. Some even notice some calcification. The latter is not bad and is enough sign that you have sufficient calcium levels in your body. However, the look might be unattractive, so you may have to seek teeth whitening services at a local dental office.

You Might Notice Calluses

Prolonged orthodontic treatment can also lead to calluses. They might feel strange at the very beginning. However, the symptoms eventually disappear themselves. However, you should not ignore them if they are painful. Check if there are any scars, and ask your dentist for guidance.

Orthodontic treatments have helped save the smiles of many. After your treatment is over, you should keep up with your dentist appointments to ensure everything is okay. Remember to watch your oral hygiene to prevent other dental problems.

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