3 Reasons To Strive To Remove Plaque From Your Mouth

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Every single day, your mouth will be full of bacteria and will be fighting against it, and you have the choice whether you will take good care of your teeth and mouth by fighting against it too through your daily habits. If you want a healthy mouth, your main fight should be against the plaque that naturally develops in your mouth, and here are three reasons to make this your number one goal of your oral care habits.

Plaque turns into tartar

Fighting plaque is important for so many reasons, and one of the reasons is because plaque eventually turns into tartar. While plaque is a sticky material, it is something you can eliminate from your teeth through flossing and brushing. Tartar is a much harder material than plaque, and it is not something you can simply eliminate by brushing your teeth. If you go to the dentist for a cleaning and you feel them scraping your teeth with a pointy tool, it is the tartar they are trying to remove from your teeth. Removing tartar is extremely difficult for dentists, and it is not something you can remove yourself. When you have tartar on your teeth, it is often visible, as it is brownish in color. Tartar, therefore, causes staining to your teeth, and it also leads to other problems.

Plaque leads to cavities and gum disease

Secondly, the only way you can prevent cavities and gum disease is by removing the plaque from your teeth. If you do not do this, the plaque will end up turning into decay on your teeth, and it can seep inside your gums causing gingivitis, the first form of gum disease. You can prevent all of this by aiming to remove the plaque that is present every day.

Plaque causes bad breath

The other thing to understand is that you will constantly fight bad breath if you do not remove the plaque, and this is primarily because plaque is full of bacteria. This bacteria is smelly and bad for your mouth, and it will cause you to have bad breath. Removing it will help keep your breath a lot fresher and your teeth a lot healthier.

Removing plaque from your teeth should be your main aim with your daily oral care habits, as this is vital for good oral health. If you have questions or need help with this, talk to your local dentist. Dentists such as Dr. Jon Douglas Lesan, DDS, RpH, PA can help.