Reasons To Consider A Gold Crown For A Back Tooth

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If you need to get a dental crown on a back tooth, you may be surprised when your dentist suggests a gold crown as one of your options. You may think of a crown being made of porcelain and looking like your other teeth. While white porcelain crowns are usually preferred for front teeth where they are visible, other materials can be used for back teeth. Here's why you may want to get a gold crown.

Gold Crowns Last A Long Time

A gold crown is tough and durable. This is one reason it's a good choice for a back tooth that grinds food. These crowns don't crack or chip as easily as other crown materials. If you're looking for a crown that will last a long time and won't crack as it ages, then gold is an option to consider as its longevity makes it a good investment of your money.

Gold Crowns Are More Gentle On Other Teeth

Another reason to think about getting a gold crown is because of the way it affects the teeth it chews against. Gold has nearly the same effect as your natural enamel on other teeth, which means it won't accelerate wear on the enamel of nearby teeth. Some crowns are harsher and wear down enamel quicker. This is important to know if you have a habit of grinding your teeth or if you have an irregular bite. Gold is a good choice if you grind teeth because it won't fracture like other types of crowns under the grinding pressure, and it won't do as much harm to other teeth.

Different Gold Crowns Are Available

Your dentist can offer different options in gold crowns to suit your needs. The crowns are rated according to how much gold they have and whether they have non-precious or precious metals mixed in. This can make a difference in the cost. Since the price of gold fluctuates and can be high, your dentist might lower the cost for you by using a crown made with a lower percentage of gold along with non-precious metals. However, these crowns are often made with nickel as one of the metals. If you have an allergy to nickel as many people do, then your dentist can choose a crown made of a higher amount of gold and that uses precious metals so the crown contains no nickel at all.

One other option to consider is a gold crown with porcelain fused to the surface so the tooth has a white appearance. This crown provides the strength and stability of a gold base, but it does have some of the drawbacks of porcelain such as being more harmful to the enamel of other teeth.

For more information about gold dental crowns, contact a dentist in your area today.