Is Your Spouse Nervous About Their Upcoming Dental Implant Procedure? 3 Tips To Help Ease Their Anxiety

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Once a tooth is damaged beyond repair, implants are often suggested as an option that takes the place of an extraction. While your spouse gets to look forward to having their new tooth restoration for many years, they may still experience some dental anxiety before their upcoming appointment. As their partner, you can use these tips to help ease their worries so that they arrive relaxed and prepared for the procedure.

1. Remind Them of The Benefits

Anxiety has a funny way of making a person focus only on all of the things that can go wrong. You can help your spouse counteract negative thoughts by reminding them of all of the reasons why they chose to get dental implants. For example, implants help to stimulate the jawbone in ways that help to reduce the bone loss that commonly occurs with extractions. Your spouse will also be able to eat and speak normally without worrying about having their tooth replacement come loose.

2. Help Them Follow Proper Preparation Procedures

The majority of the risks that are associated with dental implant procedures are minimized by following all of the recommendations that your spouse's dentist provides to prepare for the procedure. For instance, your loved one may need to stop habits such as smoking to help their body heal properly after the surgery. Your spouse's dentist may also recommend eating nutritious meals before and after the procedure to give their body the fuel it needs to heal. Help your spouse stay on track with their pre-procedure preparations. Then, remind your spouse of everything that they are doing to make sure that everything goes well whenever they voice their worries.

3. Do Relaxation Exercises Before the Procedure

Even with proper preparation, anxiety can sometimes arise again just before the surgery. Plan for a relaxing morning before the procedure and try to minimize stress so that your spouse arrives at the dental clinic in a calm state of mind. Then, encourage them to do some relaxation exercises while they wait for their appointment. For instance, you might help them do a short meditation in the waiting room, or they could do some deep breathing exercises in the car during the drive to their appointment.

Dental anxieties are common before a major procedure, yet there are many things that you can do to help your spouse relax. By helping them to focus on the reasons why they chose to get dental implants and reminding them of ways to ease their anxiety, you can ensure that they remain calm in the days leading up to their appointment.