Is Your Child Biting Their Tongue? A Palatal Expander May Help

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We all bite our tongue occasionally and suffer the negative consequences. Unfortunately, younger children often suffer through a period during which they regularly bite their tongue. However, braces known as palatal expanders can help manage this difficult and painful situation.

Biting The Tongue Can Be Painful

Children who regularly bite their tongue are likely going to suffer from an unfortunate amount of pain that can be difficult to manage. In fact, they may cause cuts and wounds that struggle to heal properly. Many children go through a painful period of biting their tongue simply because they are learning how to chew properly without making any mistakes.

However, many other children are also likely to continue biting their tongue long after they have mastered basic eating skills. The biggest reasons for this problem is a mouth that is a little too small. There simply isn't enough room in their jaw for their tongue to avoid their teeth. In this instance, a palatal expander is a necessity.

How These Items Help

A palatal expander is exactly what the name suggests. They are a type of dental braces that gradually increase the palate size of your child's mouth and allow more room for their teeth to grow. Just as importantly, it allows more room for their tongue to sit in their mouth. As a result, they are less likely to bite their tongue.

Just as importantly, they are less likely to suffer from further orthodontic problems, such as impacted teeth or a crooked smile. These benefits make them an excellent choice for anyone who is concerned about their child's dental and orthodontic health.

The Type Of Cost To Expect

One thing that may drive parents away from getting this treatment is the cost. Installing palate expanding braces usually costs around $1,000 or so for the life of the child. That cost may seem expensive, particularly if the child has no other orthodontic problems. However, a small job should be managed because it can make it difficult for them to grow the rest of their teeth properly.

Thankfully, most dental or orthodontic insurance types should cover this cost. If your dentist is willing to state that a palate expander is a necessary treatment for your child (and the least expensive option), insurance is likely to cover a majority of the costs. Remember, though, that you will still have to pay your deductible before insurance kicks into play.

Thankfully, paying even a $500 deductible is worth it to help your child stop biting their tongue. That's because the other benefits this process provides are more than worthwhile and can offer your child orthodontic and dental advantages for years to come.