Are Clear Braces A Good Choice For You? Here's What You Need To Know About Them

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People often become excited when they hear about clear braces. The typical view is they're more aesthetically pleasing than traditional braces. However, many people have some misconceptions about clear braces. A little more information about them can help you decide if they're right for you.

Clear Braces are Not the Same as Clear Aligners

One of the more immediate misconceptions people have is that clear braces are the same as clear aligners. Understand clear braces are mostly the same as traditional braces. Clear aligners are pieces of plastic. Braces and aligners can serve some of the same purposes, but they work differently. Clear aligners are inadequate for larger bite issues.

Clear Braces Have all the Advantages of Traditional Braces

Clear braces are still just braces. They have all the advantages traditional braces have over various other orthodontic appliances. For example, the fact your braces aren't removable is actually a benefit. Because of that, they work faster at fixing many bite issues. In addition, traditional braces are the only orthodontic appliances that can deal with complex bite issues effectively.

Many people avoid braces strictly because they don't like the highly visible look of the metal brackets and wires. With clear braces, you also get the aesthetic appeal that comes from having braces that aren't easily visible. In some cases, clear braces can go virtually undetectable from a distance.

The lack of visibility can also help to boost confidence for those who wear clear braces. The confidence comes from knowing people aren't focusing on the braces themselves when you're speaking or smiling.

Clear Braces Aren't the Only Kind of Braces with Low Visibility

While clear braces can work well for many people, there are also some other options. It's also possible to use ceramic braces. These types of braces have tooth-colored brackets that can match or closely match the color of your teeth.

These types of braces also sometimes fall under the "clear braces" title. And just like clear braces, they can help you to avoid having that look of metal in your mouth that comes with traditional braces.

While there are other forms of orthodontic appliances out there, your dentist may decide braces make for the best choice for you. If you need braces, it can give you some comfort to know you have options for how they look. Speak to your dentist or orthodontist about the available alternatives to traditional metal braces