3 Dental Tips For Getting Your Child To Floss

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It is just as important for a child to floss their teeth as it is for an adult. This is especially true if they have all of their teeth in place because it creates more crowding in their mouth, closing up the space between each of their teeth. This makes it more likely for food particles to get stuck there, thus increasing their chance of getting plaque and tartar build up, which can turn into a cavity for them. Thankfully, most pediatric dentists have a lot of useful information when it comes to flossing. They can provide you with some helpful tips that can make a huge difference. This article will discuss 3 dental tips for getting your child to floss. 

Let Your Child Pick Out Their Dental Floss

When you first tell your child that they need to floss, you need to make it a fun experience. Your dentist will likely recommend that you take your child with you to the store to purchase some dental floss. You can allow them to pick out the type of floss that they like, and you can explain to them that the floss comes in different flavors. They will likely find the fruity or bubble gum flavors the most appealing, and can choose one of them. This simple task will get them excited about flossing because they will feel like they are in control of a lot of the decision making and this will make them feel like it is their choice to floss. 

Take Turns Flossing Each Other's Teeth

If your child is hesitant to floss their teeth because they are scared, then your dentist may recommend that you suggest to your child that the two of your take turns flossing. You can start off by flossing their teeth, and then they can floss yours. By starting off with their teeth, you show them how to properly floss and you also show them that it doesn't hurt. You then allow them to floss your teeth to get a better visual of what goes on when you floss your teeth and also to help them see that flossing isn't painful most of the time and that it isn't something that they need to be nervous about. 

Make It Into A Game

Something that always seems to resonate well with child are games. Your dentist knows this, so they may suggest that you make flossing into a fun game with your child. An example of a simple, yet fun, game is to have your child count how many teeth they have as they floss, and if they count the correct amount, they can have a prize at the end.