Benefits Of Clear Aligners For Teens

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Sometimes dental problems such as crooked teeth don't show up until your teen gets his or her permanent adult teeth. By then, your teen may be self-conscious about things such as appearance, and having bulky metal braces may cause fear of ridicule, not to mention their discomfort and complicated care. Fortunately, there are clear teeth alignment products for straightening teeth which are easy for your teen to maintain. There are also other reasons why you want to tackle teeth straightening during the teen years. Here are a few reasons why you should think about treatment now and how clear aligners can help make treatment easier.

Your teen's teeth are still growing:

Even though your teen may already have a full set of adult teeth, they are still technically growing and settling into the jaw. Tackling this problem early, such as in their early to mid teens, will mean it will be easier to straighten and it's more likely that the teeth will stay straight with fewer problems.

Using clear aligners look better:

Teens tend to notice other teen's appearances which often makes them feel self-conscious and not want to stand out. Using clear aligners make having braces less obvious and it will be more likely that your teen will accept treatment. They are also unlikely to get food or anything else caught in them, which is something that could cause your teen social embarrassment.

Clear aligners are lower maintenance:

Clear aligners don't have to be worn all day and are easily removed for brushing and maintenance. This is in contrast to traditional braces which must be worn all day and can be tricky to brush and floss around. This is great if you already have a hard time getting your teen to brush without it being complicated.

They tend to be more comfortable:

Usually, these clear aligners are custom-made to your teen's mouth which means they're more comfortable and less noticeable. Since they can be easily removed, if your teen is experiencing discomfort or an irritation, your teen can temporarily stop using them until whatever is causing the irritation goes away or is fixed.

The treatment duration is shorter:

Generally, clear aligners don't need to be worn as long as traditional braces, though this can vary from patient to patient. The amount of time varies based on how severe the problem was in the beginning and how quickly the fix is progressing. Usually, it's significantly less time than with braces which sometimes must be worn for years.

Clear aligners are great for teens because they are nearly invisible and are more comfortable, so your teen is more likely to complete his or her treatment successfully. However, they're not a cure-all for all tooth alignment problems, so discuss all your options with your dentist, and your teen, before making your decision. You can also check out sites like for more information.