Five Things You Can Do To Help Yourself Get Used To Dentures

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First-time denture wearers might have trouble adjusting at first. Using dentures is a big life adjustment that doesn't happen overnight.

It may take months before you're feeling comfortable and confident with your new dentures. However, you can get used to dentures easiest with the help of the following tips:

Be patient

Don't let yourself grow impatient with your new dentures. At first, they will no doubt feel a bit bulky and cumbersome when you're talking and eating. However, you'll get used to them before you know it and they'll start to feel like real teeth to you.

Give yourself some time to adjust by cutting back on activities and projects in the first week or so after you've started wearing dentures. This will give you the chance to get used to the feel of your new dentures and to handle everyday tasks with them in.

Restrict your diet to soft foods at first

Wearing dentures might be hard on your gums in the early days. You can ease the stress of this adjustment period by avoiding foods that are chewy or crunchy.

Eat soft foods and get your nutrients through smoothies and beverages when possible in the early weeks. This will give you a chance to get used to the feel of your dentures and practice eating before you begin eating more challenging foods that require a lot of chewing. 

Practice reading out loud with your new dentures in

Speaking can be especially challenging when you first are adjusting to dentures. If your speech is distorted when you're wearing your dentures, you may feel embarrassed and stressed in social situations.

You can speed up the process of learning to talk normally with your dentures by reading aloud. 

Try wearing your dentures around the clock initially

Normally, you'll take your dentures out at night. However, it might be a good idea to try and wear them all the time initially. This can help you adjust quickly so that you can soon feel natural eating and speaking with them in.

Use a warm salt water rinse if you develop sores

It's very common for first-time denture wearers to develop sores in their mouth. If you start to develop sores, you can alleviate the pain and discomfort they cause with a warm salt water rinse.

This will not only alleviate discomfort, but also help your sores to heal faster so that your gums adjust.