3 Things That Many Pediatric Dentists Do to Make Children Feel More Comfortable

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When your child goes to the dentist for the first or even the second time, they may feel somewhat scared and unsure of the whole experience. The thought of having a stranger look at their mouth and poke around in it may be hard for them to be okay with. Thankfully, pediatric dentists realize that your child is likely going to be scared, or at least a bit unsure, so there are certain things that they try and do to make children feel a bit more at ease while they are there. This article will discuss three things that a pediatric dentist might do to make your child feel more comfortable. 

Televisions and Headphones 

A great way to get your child to feel less nervous is to try and distract them with something that they are going to enjoy. Many pediatric dentists have televisions mounted onto the ceiling above the dental chair for your child to watch while they are getting their teeth worked on. There may also be headphones for the television so that your child doesn't have to hear the noises of the dental equipment or what the dentist is saying to the dental assistant. This can help them to zone out even more and simply enjoy the show that they chose to watch. 

A Special Parent Chair 

The thing that is likely the most scary for many children when it comes to going to the dentist is the thought of being all alone. Your child is in a new place, experiencing new things, and for this reason they are likely going to want you with them at all times. Thankfully, pediatric dentists also realize this, so they have a special chair by each dental chair that is there for a parent or other adult to sit in. This chair is within your child's view so they can see that you are there with them the whole time. This small thing can make them feel much more comfortable because they will know that you aren't going to let anything bad happen to them. 

Nitrous Oxide

Sometimes no matter what you do, you can't get a child to calm down while they are at the dentist. Pediatric dentists are aware of this and may offer nitrous oxide or "laughing gas" to a child in these cases. This gas makes a child feel more calm and care free, allowing the dentist to work in their mouth without their freaking out. This can be very effective for most children and only lasts while the child is breathing in the nitrous oxide.