About A Painful Lump On The Gums From An Abscessed Tooth

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Do you have a tight lump new one of your molars that is causing you pain that is hard to cope with? It is important for you to get to a dentist as soon as possible to find out if the lump is due to you having an abscessed tooth. Discover in this article the things you should know about having an abscessed tooth.

Why Does an Abscessed Tooth Cause a Painful Lump?

An abscessed tooth is basically one that has become infected because it has gone without being treated for a long time. The bacteria from plaque likely infected your tooth via a cavity. Bacteria made its way down into the pulp chamber of your tooth and cause the pulp to become diseased. Pulp in the canal of your tooth consists of nerves and blood vessels. The lump on your gums is there because it is full of toxins that have accumulated from the untreated bacterial infection, and leaving it untreated can harm your entire body if the toxins get inside of your blood.

What Must Be Done to Treat the Painful Lump?

The key to getting rid of the painful lump is treating the root of the problem, which is the diseased pulp in the canal of your tooth. A dentist will have to dig inside of the abscessed tooth with a dental tool to remove the diseased put via a procedure called a root canal. If your cavity is not big enough for the dentist to access the canal, he or she will have to use a drill to make it bigger. The lump full of toxins will also be drained out during the root canal. After the root canal is all done, the dentist will fill the hole in your tooth and may administer an injection of antibiotics in your gums.

What Will the Root Canal Cost?

Root canals that are performed in the back molars are priced at an estimated minimum of $500. The complexity of the task and extent of diseased pulp can lead to the procedure costing over $2,000. However, if you have dental insurance coverage, you can pay as little as $300. You might be able to get the root canal financed to make payments if the clinic offers it. Don't allow your oral health to get worse by leaving an abscessed tooth untreated. Head to a dental clinic like Art of Dentistry Institute to get a root canal.