Helping A Loved One Alleviate A Fear Of The Dentist

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If you have a loved one who has expressed concern about going to a dentist, and they have been putting off scheduling an appointment because of fear, you will want to be helpful in having them change their perspective so they can get the help needed with their teeth. Putting of dental appointments can cause unnecessary problems such as gum disease, bacterial infections, or even loss of teeth. To have your loved one save their smile, there are a few steps you can take in helping them get over their fear.

Bring Them Along

Make an appointment for yourself and have your loved one come along to watch the procedure as it takes place. Let the dentist know your loved one is a bit afraid before you go to the appointment. This way, the hygienist will do their best to take care of you without making your loved one nervous while watching. They will speak softly and show your companion the utensils they are using so they will be familiarized with the process of having a teeth cleaning. Have them sit with you in the waiting area and sit near the door on a chair while you have your teeth cleaned so they can run out if they get too fearful.

Practice At Home

Have your friend sit in a reclining chair at home while you pretend to be the dentist caring for their teeth. Tell them to close their eyes and visualize themselves on a beach or another relaxing place as you probe their mouth with a spoon. Speak calmly and ask questions that they can nod or shake their head in response to, as they would in a dentist's chair when the hygienist speaks to them. Brush their teeth while they lie there and then have them sit up to have a sip of water.

Ask your loved one if they felt scared while you were performing the role play as a dentist. This practice may help them when it comes time to sit in the chair at their appointment. They will be able to think back on this experience during the cleaning and try to relax as they did when you were prompting them to.

Do A Trial Run

Have your loved one make an appointment with the specification that if they get too scared they will be allowed to get up and walk away from the procedure. The dentist will most likely work with you on a price if they are unable to stay for the entire appointment, as it will be a learning experience for your loved one in getting through the time without anxiety. 

Before they go into the appointment, have them take a few deep breaths. Offer to sit in the room with them as they start the appointment if it will make them feel better. Since they are already in the office, they may go through with the entire cleaning instead of trying to come back at a later time.

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