New Orthodontic Technology: What The Damon System Braces Mean For You

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Up until now, you had two choices for braces: either the clear, pop-in/pop-out kind, or the metal and wire orthodontia everyone fears. The nice thing about orthodontia is that technology and design continue to improve them, and the Damon system braces are the result. If you have not heard about these braces yet, or the options they can offer you, here is a little more information.

Fewer Adjustments and Fewer Appointments

This brace system is designed such that the braces auto-adjust and keep the teeth from moving back into old formation. You do not have to return to your orthodontist for frequent adjustments as the braces are "tieless" and do not require tightening. In addition to less appointments and less tightening, you will experience fewer headaches, jaw aches and tension pain.

No Headgear, Expanders or Extractions

Unlike traditional braces, this technologically advanced orthodontia does not need headgear or expanders to create a wider palate and more room for your teeth. Crowded teeth and teeth that are growing in on top of each other need not be extracted either. You, or your child, get to keep all the teeth you are supposed to have and not have to install extra hardware to do it.

The System Offers Both Clear and Metal Braces

Regardless of the technological advances the system provides, you may still shrink at the idea of metal braces. That is totally normal, but you are also missing out on the fact that the system offers the same technology in clear braces as well. Instead of metal brackets, you can choose the clear brackets for a little more money, and no one will notice that you are wearing them because nothing about them shows.

Fewer Bacterial Issues

Because there are no elastomeric rings or ligature wires involved, there is nothing extra in the mouth for bacteria to cling to and multiply. You cannot brush the bacteria off of these orthodontia accessories, which is why the bacteria can build up on them. You also do not have to worry about infection from cuts caused by braces because this system does not have any sharp edges.

Insurance Plans Pick up the Cost for Kids

The Damon system braces cost a little more than traditional braces or invisible braces, but most insurance plans will still cover the cost for dependents. Parents choose this orthodontia system when they want their children to wear braces for a shorter time but still get the same teeth-straightening benefits of regular braces. If your insurance is willing to cover the cost for your kids, it is worth asking your orthodontist--someone like Leo R Cullinan DDS MS-- if they are familiar with these braces.