Lump On The Gums: How A Dentist Treats An Abscess

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Do you have a big lump on your gums? It is important for you to get the lump examined by a dentist, as it may be an abscess with poisonous pus that can harm your body. In this article, learn what a dentist can do to treat an abscess before it causes a more serious medical problem.

What Can a Dentist Do About an Abscess?

After examining your teeth and gums, a dentist will treat your abscess by giving you a root canal. The reason a root canal is necessary is due to the dentist having to drain out the toxic pus in the abscess. He or she will drill a hole in the tooth near the abscess to drain the pus out. If you have a large cavity already, drilling may not be necessary.

It is also possible that the pulp chamber of your cavity will also be treated during the root canal, which is the area of your tooth that has blood vessels and nerves. The only thing that will be done in the pulp chamber is the removal of damaged pulp. After the root canal is complete, your cavity will be filled with the filling of your choice. Fillings are available in cast-gold, porcelain, silver amalgam and tooth colored resin.

When your dental procedure is over, you will be sent home with a prescription for antibiotics. The antibiotics will treat any oral infection that you may have. Antibiotics can also prevent an infection from occurring if you don't have one already.

Does It Cost a Large Amount of Money to Get a Root Canal?

The expenses involved with a root canal are dependent upon whether or not you have dental insurance coverage. You can also expect the location of the tooth that the root canal is performed on to have an effect on the overall price. For instance, a root canal on a front tooth will be less expensive than one for a bicuspid or molar. Expect to pay an average of $300 to $2,000 plus for your root canal if you don't have insurance.

Never allow an abscess to remain on your gums for too long because the toxic pus can get into your bloodstream. You don't want the toxins in your bloodstream because it will cause a full body inflammation and possible other health issues. Get to a dentist so he or she can perform a root canal and fill your cavity!

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