Take Care Of Your Teeth After Braces With These 5 Tips

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Getting your braces removed is an exciting period for many people due to the desire of wanting straight teeth finally becoming a reality. In order for you to take the best care of your teeth after your braces are removed, it's important that you take advantage of some helpful tips. By knowing what to do and what to avoid after having your braces removed, you can enjoy a brighter and straighter smile in the years to follow.

Stick With Soft Foods At First

After having your braces removed, your teeth and gums will likely feel sore for the next few days or even first week or two. In order to reduce the discomfort felt, try to avoid any crunchy or hard foods. While it can be tempting to rush into eating some of the foods you may have missed while wearing braces, you're better off eating soup, yogurt, and other soft food until your mouth feels better.

Visit the Dentist for a Thorough Cleaning

A thorough cleaning can be difficult to achieve when you have braces due to the brackets and wires that can take up much of your teeth. After your braces are removed, it's important to visit the dentist right away for an extensive cleaning and exam.

Consider Getting Teeth Whitened

With your brackets covering part of your teeth for anywhere from a year to several years, it's likely that some discoloration is present on your teeth. While you can get teeth whitening done at home with a DIY kit, it's best to visit your dentist so that you can enjoy a pearly white smile with professional whitening.

Ask About Wisdom Teeth Removal

If you've been wearing braces as a teenager or young adult, it's likely that your wisdom teeth have recently started to grow in. Not only can they be uncomfortable, they can also be hard to reach for brushing. Visiting a dentist (such as David L. Botsko, DMD) and asking about wisdom teeth removal can help you determine if this is the right move for you.

Make a Habit of Wearing Your Retainer

A retainer is one of the most crucial parts of post-orthodontic work on your teeth in order to keep your teeth straight in the months and years ahead. While you'll want to wear the retainer all day and night for the first months, you can gradually adjust to wearing only while you sleep.

Taking care of your teeth after you've had braces removed is crucial in order for you to get the best results. With the tips above, you'll be able to enjoy a white smile that is straight and without any trouble.